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Hee-haa with a blindfold!

His warm lips press softly against your neck and his fingers glide slowly over your breasts. Everything around you is dark. Your knees go numb and you hold your breath for what’s about to happen next . . .

A blindfold can cause sexual tension and excitement like a rocket that launches itself into the atmosphere. When one of the senses is taken away, it strengthens the rest to compensate for its loss. The nice thing about this naughty little item is that you can use it to give your sex life a bit of oomph or you can apply it in a manner that will turn this experience into a whole new ball game – the choice is yours!

What makes a blindfold a good sex toy?

  • A blindfold involves trust. For couples that have trust issues, this can be a wonderful exercise. For others it can reinforce the existing trust in your partner.
  • You can use anything in the house as a blindfold, such as a tie, a scarf or just a leftover piece of cloth.
  • Its not as obvious as a sex toy. It is difficult to explain (especially to the kids) what that vibrating thing in your drawer is, but nobody will think anything of a piece of cloth (or even a real blindfold) next to your bed.
  • It’s easy to take with you in a bag. If you were to go on holiday and your bags were searched, you won’t need to be embarrassed over what you hid between your underwear.

How do I use a blindfold during sex?
Decide beforehand who will be wearing the blindfold – you or your partner, or both of you. Make sure there are no dangers objects in the immediate environment with which you could hurt yourselves. And remember, no peeking!

The blind taste test
Feed your partner some treats to tantalize his taste buds. Choose snacks with strong, contrasting flavours such as strawberries, chocolate and honey. Make a game of it: The one that identifies the most items correctly, can get a reward. This is a fun way of testing the blindfold to decide if you want to take it further.

Sensual Massages
If your hubby wears the blindfold: Turn a satin cloth loosely over his penis and pull it softly open. DO this a couple of times until your hubby groans of pleasure and then unexpectedly place his penis in your mouth.
If your wife wears the blindfold: Stroke the inside of her thighs and just before your fingers touches her clitoris, take your hand away and kiss her breasts.

Play with different textures.
Let your blindfolded partner lie on his stomach and rub his buttocks with a soft brush – like those that you use to brush a baby’s hair. Use a feather to tickle his spine from his coccyx write-up to his neck. Let him turn around and slide a block of ice overs his chest, and tease his testicles with a velvet glove. The constant alternating of textures is unbelievably seductive purely because it’s so unpredictable!

Rediscover the familiar
Our parents always cautioned us look with our eyes and not with our hands. Well, forget about it! Hubby knows how the curves of your buttocks looks and you have already looked at his mini-me eye-t-eye countless times, - but when last did you really feel it? Explore each other’s bodies with blindfolds on. Kiss a path from your partner’s mouth to his groin area while one or both of you can’t see anything. Feel, hold, massage and stroke with your hands, tongue and other body parts. Make a sexy game of it and use one of your body parts to massage your partner, and let him guess which part of your body you are using.

Transform the shy you into a sex goddess
It is no secret, men are stimulated by what they see. Many men, and even women, find it unbelievably kinky to look at how their partner masturbates or just to touch their own genitals, but we are often too shy to do these things. Some people are so shy that they prefer sex in the dark and in turn, deprive your partner of the visual pleasure. A blindfold can make you feel more comfortable and even release your naughty and dominant side. Don’t hold back!

The triumphant finale
Sex with a blindfold on can be both wow and challenging. You will have to guide each other’s hands and genitals so that everything reaches the right place, so preferably start slowly until you have everything in place. Thereafter you can let loose! Concentrate on the feel of each other’s body’s and you may just discover sensations that you haven’t experienced before. Be creative and have fun!