Create your own happiness

Happiness is not something that simply just overcomes you. You can create happiness to focus on what it is that you want. This positive feeling of happiness will attract you to positive situations. You could learn to be happy once you have become accustomed to listening to your own feelings.

Everything we do, we mostly do to be happy. We want to have a perfect relationship in order to feel the feeling of being loved. We want to have a job that pays well and we want to have hobbies that makes us feel enthusiastic as well as possess material things that we are able to enjoy. Loved, well paid, enthusiastic and enjoy are all synonyms for being happy.

We think that it’s certain situations that makes us happy and that is true in a certain way. A job you hate or a relationship that doesn’t work, won’t make you happy. But is happiness as a result of the situation or the cause? Are you feeling happy because of something you have experienced or do you experience something because you are feeling happy?

Your feelings, about yourself and others, influence what is happening around you. Did you ever have a great day where you feel like everything is going well? This is because the world reacts to your feelings. If you feel cheerful, you will meet people that are attracted to your happiness. Your encounters will be more fun and that will strengthen your happy feeling.

Everything we experience is a reflection of how we feel. As soon as you see that, you will understand that you could influence your own happiness. It will no longer just be something that you experience randomly but it could become something that you create with every thought and every action.

You don’t have to do anything to be happier, you just have to make the decision that you are going to feel happy. This will attract better situations immediately. This is not simply vague advice but it can actually become very practical too. Decide to feel like you already have everything and the rest will follow.

There are a lot of studies and research which relate to happiness, which include information on what makes human beings feel happy. A nice job, a healthy relationship, nice friends, the freedom to choose and good health. But what makes you feel happy? That is something only you could decide, nobody else could to do it for you. It may be that a commercial job is making you happy or you’d rather do a volunteering job. Maybe a steady relationship is making you happy or you’d rather stay single for now. Whatever it is that makes you happy, you have to choose for it. You don’t have to justify it to anyone.

So decide what makes you feel happy and ask yourself in different situations: ‘Do I like this? Do I feel happy doing this?’ If not, do something else. You can learn to be happy by listening to your own feelings. You will be happier if you know what makes you happy.

Authored by: Fien Kester