Win 1 of 2 Body inc 10-week diet programmes to the value of R1 750 each!

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Lose weight and feel great!

Sometimes diets seem to promise a lot, but leave you feeling frustrated and deprived.  
The Body Inc diet program is not just a diet, it’s all about teaching you what you need to know to lose weight and supporting you all the way.

Your body has two main fuel sources:  fat and carbohydrates.  
In the first phase of the diet your body will switch from burning carbohydrates (in the form of blood sugar) for energy to primarily burning fat, including body fat and fat in your arteries (lowering cholesterol levels).  As easy as 1, 2, 3.  But how?
On the Body Inc program you will restrict your carbohydrate intake.  Carbohydrates are one source of energy. If you cut down on carbohydrates, your body will be forced to use fat as its only source of energy. You will start to see the results on the scale and in your measurements.

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