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10 romantic ideas with . . . a can of blackboard paint

It costs less than R10 for a 250ml can of blackboard paint, and is now available in a range of colours. It is a nice, cheap item to have in the home with which you can knock your hubby off his feet.

  1. Make him his own coffee-mug. Buy a set of big, cheap coffee mugs at a wholesaler. Paint the bottom or top half of the mug with blackboard paint and write in thick letters “Mine” on the painted half. You can also write his name on it, or something like: “The best husband in the whole wide world!”
  2. Paint a large calendar on one of the walls in your bedroom. You can paint each day with a different shade by mixing the white- and blackboard paint to achieve different variations of grey. This is your love calendar! So, use this space to write each other nice messages AND to diarise your date nights. (If hubby has a tendency to forget your wedding anniversary, then this is ideal for him!)
  3. Ask hubby to help you build a brand new headpiece for your bed. Go buy a plank at a hardware store, ask him to saw it into the shape that you like (rectangular with sharp edges, rectangular with blunt edges or a detailed edge with patterns). Sand it down and paint the whole board black. Write ontop: “His side” and “Her side”. Now you can write naughty messages (and requests) on your bed’s headboard that you can read at bedtime.
  4. Paint the entire frontdoor with blackboard paint (if you are certain that your husband  won’t have a fit – make sure that your frontdoor is not made of one of the more expensive wood types!). Write ontop: “Ten reasons why I am still inlove with you.” And list the reasons. If this isn’t the ultimate “welcome home” gift, then what is?
  5. Take one of your serving trays and paint the inside of it with blackboard paint. Write on it with chalk: “I can serve you anything you like.” Now leave your bra ontop of the serving tray and leave the serving tray (with the bra) at the front door for him to find as he arrives home (okay, this “welcome home” gift beats the previous one hands down!)
  6. Buy an empty canvas. Paint the entire canvas with blackboard paint and write ontop the following message for him: “I can’t promise you a perfect relationship, without arguments over our differences and trust issues. However, I can promise you that as long as you’re trying, I’m staying.” If you don’t like this saying, rather find a nice quotation from any English poem or a verse from Song of Solomons.
  7. On a morning when you have to leave early, paint one pair of his shoes’ soles with blackboard paint while he is still sleeping. Write on it: “My love is with you today, with every step that you take.” Leave a letter on his bedside table and tell him to look under his shoes.
  8. Make a placemat out of a piece of plank and every night write him something nice such as: “With you I always feel satisfied.”
  9. Buy an old cabinet with plenty of drawers at a second-hand shop. Paint the whole cabinet with blackboard paint and give each one of his tools a specific drawer. Write on each drawer: “Skrew, nails, handdrawer . . .” Sort his tools according to the drawers and give it to him as a gift. You can also make a similiar cabinet for the study, with each drawer dedicated to his specific stationery – depending on the size of the cabinet that you can get hold of.
  10. Plant him a bonsai in a pretty pot that you have covered with blackboard paint. Write at the bottom, right around the pot: “Its hard for me to to keep my love for you so compact, but if we prune it regularly, we will both keep growing until we are old one day.”