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How to take a sexy selfie for hubby!

Selfies are lately the in-thing: from Kim Kardashian to Barack Obama do it. Step it up a notch and take sexy selfies that will rock your spouse’s world! All that you need is a cellphone with a camera!

Beautify yourself
Go bold with your make-up. Make your eyes dramatic with black eye liner, mascara and dark eye shadow. You can even put on false eye lashes for extra effect. If you’re going for the ‘pin-up’ girl look, rather use red lipstick.

Clothes (or a lack thereof):
Choose your clothes on ground of what you would like to show off. If you want to take a full length selfie, keep in mind that a piece of clothing that accentuates one part of your body, can hide another part. Seductive lingerie is always a winner, but you can look just as sexy in one of hubby’s unbuttoned T-shirts, or even just a sheet! You can even attempt to go without a stitch of clothing, but it’s more stimulating to leave something for the imagination.

A sexy hairstyle selfie is the messy, I-just-rolled-around-under-the-sheets, style. Make your hair messy by simply using your hands and tease your hair slightly with a brush so that it looks wild. Wet hair is just as seductive, especially if a few drops run down between your breasts. Don’t forget to remove any unwanted hair on your body – ensure that your legs, underarms and bikini area are as hair-free as possible.

Choose your background
Make the area attractive:
Don’t let an inappropriate background take the focus off you. The bedroom and bathroom are usually the most popular areas for sexy selfies because it is private. Rather get rid of any coffee mugs left behind on your bedside tables from this morning, and move the washing basket out of the shot. The last reaction that you want from your hubby is: “What’s that thing there in the background?” Ouch!
Take note of lighting:

You can use lighting to hide or emphasise, depending on where you place your source of light. Remember, you want as few shadows as possible, as it will negatively influence the quality of your photos. Ensure that the source of light shines on you from the front, or even from the side, but not from behind. If you feel your lighting, such as a lamp, is too sharp, simply throw a cloth over it to dim it slightly.

Work that body
Strike a pose:
Your first attempt at a selfie may at first feel very overwhelming, because it isn’t always easy to know where to start. Its best to focus on one part of your body at a time, until you know exactly which angles and poses work the best for your body.

  1. Get that hourglass form: Make an S-Curve with your body. Bend your back and push your breasts and buttocks out as far as possible. It helps to accentuate your curves and gives your body more of an hourglass form.
  2. Appear slender: Press your hip far out to the same side that you are holding your phone. Your opposite shoulder must come forward slightly and your free arm must either hang beside your waist, or rest on your hip. Your chest must hang forward naturally while you cross your legs.
  3. Hide your double-chin: Lift your chin, even though it feels unnatural – it helps to counterbalance strange shadows on your collar bone. A photo from above helps to hide a double-chin and on top of that it is a good angle as it will accentuate your cleavage.
  4. Accentuate your breasts: It doesn’t matter whether you sit or stand – if you throw your shoulders backwards, you automatically lift your breasts which makes them appear larger. You can try different poses to place emphasis on your cleavage. For example:
    •    Lay on your tummy and support yourself with your elbows;
    •    Use your free arm to press your breasts against each other; or
    •    With a push-up bra on, lean backwards over the couch’s arm rest or the side of the bed and let gravitation do the rest.
  5. Practise your facial expressions: Your facial expression is one of your best features. You can look naughty or innocent – have a look at model’s photos for inspiration. Smile nicely, pout, or blow a kiss for the camera. You can even mimic oral sex by playing with a lollypop in your mouth or biting gently down onto your forefinger, which is placed seductively between your teeth.
  6. Use music to sexergise yourself. If you feel shy or silly to take photos of yourself, then give yourself a self-image boost by playing sexy music in the background. Your photos will be ten times sexier if you are in the mood!

If you need inspiration, google: “how to pose for sexy photos”. Here you will get several links to websites that will give you some great ideas.