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Do 5 crazy things with your spouse

We so often crave to be as carefree as children. Without the worries about house loans, car payments and the never ending rise in fuel prices. Here are a couple of crazy ideas that you can do together that will make you feel like a freckle faced child again.

1. Roar for a lion
When is the last time you visited your nearest zoo or wilderness park? Buy ice cream while you take a slow, romantic stroll searching for the king of animals and playful monkeys. You can also have a picnic and just enjoy the peace and beauty of nature. The fresh air can only be good for your libido. Think of the song: You and me baby, ain’t nothing but mammals. . .

2. Go play games
Between all the young kids at the games arcade you might feel old, but don’t let that get you down. Dare each other to do something fun like playing air hockey. You can even play a round of pool. Be sure that you do not only take a turn on the mock motor bikes but also play the girly games like throwing balls into a clown’s mouth. If you win a soft toy for her she will surely be very impressed.

3. Find Nemo again
Do not watch all the animation movies that you had to watch a hundred times with the kids and can mouth along from beginning to end. Go rent an animation movie that you do not know or rent a classic like The Lion King. Laugh together at all the antics of the characters.

4. Booooe!
There are few things as enjoyable as candyfloss and slush puppies. If you can combine these with a visit to you nearest theme park, it is double the fun. At the theme park your wife will have an excuse to stay close by your side and hold onto your hand.

5. Who committed the murder
Dust off your old game boards like Monopoly, 30 Seconds and Cluedo. There are few things that can make you laugh like your wife trying to explain a rugby player’s name while it is actually a cricket player. If you are lucky enough to own a finger board, you can dare each other to a game.

Article by Lize Groenewald